The Ward

John Carpenter’s The Ward

2007 • Echo Lake Productions
Dir. John Carpenter

John Carpenter challenged us to create a visual history of the often horrifying treatment of the mentally ill. To add to the sense of unease, the disturbing images were embedded into shards of glass, breaking apart in close-up slow-motion.

Along with researching historical woodcuts, engravings, and photos from the past, we produced our own photos of people being “treated” in the 1950s and ‘60s. We scoured thrift stores for costumes and rented period props to stage our own chilling environments.

Still Photographer: Terence Heuston
CG Artists: Ari Sachter-Zeltzer, David Glicksman, Sean Starkweather
Producer: Tina Starkweather
Special Thanks: Damon Seeley