Worst Case Scenario, Inc.

Worst Case Scenario, Inc.

Short Film

2016 • Smith & Lee

We took some time off in 2015 to make a short film based on Kevin Wilson’s terrific short story, Worst-Case Scenario about a man whose job is to imagine all the worst-case scenarios possible for any situation. As you can imagine, this puts a damper on his love life.

Starring: Avi Rothman, Molly Kidder, Autumn Withers
Producer: Lisa Rudin
Director of Photography: Philip Holahan
Production Designer: Vlada Syrkin Werts
Composer: Craig Richey
Sound Designers: Brett Bach and Ken Cain
Colorist: Natasha Leonnet

Thanks to our friends for opening up their homes and businesses, and for lending us their muscles, smiles, and support!